Holiday Membership Plans


Red Week

High Priority (Rs. 12,00,000)


White Week

Medium Priority (Rs. 9,75,000)


Blue Week

Low Priority (Rs. 8,00,000)

Club Membership Plans (2,25,000)

  • 12 Events
  • Summer Activities
  • Banqutes halls(A/C - Non A/C)

Holiday Membership Plans

At senate Holidays, every season is holiday season, all through the year. To help you understand how senate Holidays membership works, we have designed a season calendar for you to match with your holiday pattern. So, whatever be your favorite time to holiday, we have got exactly what you need.

Whatever be your favourite time to holiday, we have got exactly what you need. So we have divided the year into colour-coded seasons which you can match with your holiday pattern.

When do you prefer to holiday? Red White Blue
If you love the Monsoon season
During the work week
During Non-Peak Season
During School / College Vacations
On National Holidays
During Festivals
Any time of the year
On Special Days i.e. New Year’s Eve

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of a senate membership.

Buying a senate membership is the smartest way to holiday. The senate membership has a unique and flexible points system. It gives you complete flexibility to choose the season of your holiday every year.View More designs
When you buy a senate membership plan, you actually buy points. Different plans give you different numbers of points. Once you purchase the membership plan, the equivalent number of points are credited to your account every year for 25 years. Let us say you have purchased a plan that entitles you to 3360 points every year. Every year, you will have 3360 points at your disposal. You can use these to take holidays with different combinations of season and apartment type. Each combination of season and apartment is equivalent to a specific value of points per night. Think of this as redeeming your annual quota of points to get your desired holidays. You can also accumulate, advance or split points to suit your holiday needs.View More designs

Benefits of a senate membership.

You can exchange your points for a stay at any senate Resort of your choice for any duration you like. Here is how it works: Let us say you have purchased a plan that entitles you to 2,100 points. This is equivalent to a one bedroom unit (a one bedroom unit is 300 points/night during peak season) for seven days a year, during peak season. Alternatively, let us say you want to take a quick weekend break with just your partner and want a studio apartment during the lean season. This would use only up to 70 points/night. So, for two nights you burn 140 of your 2100 points. Or maybe you want to holiday with the kids and extended family during summer break and need a two bedroom apartment instead of a one bedroom. No worries! A two bedroom during peak season burns 480 points/night. This means that you can get up to four nights by using 1920 out of your 2100 points. Every year, you have complete freedom to use your annual points in any manner that suits you and your family. Whether you take multiple short breaks or want one long holiday in a year, you can choose any season and type of accommodation you like.View More designs
Conventional timeshare models bind you to a fixed season, apartment type and sometimes a location. senate membership points system, on the other hand, allows you the flexibility to design your itinerary. You can choose where and when you want to go and also, how much time you want to spend there and in what kind of accommodation you want to stay in.View More designs


Think of the Annual Subscription Fee as a nominal maintenance charge that you pay every year. This fee goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the resorts, refurbishment, and upgrading of the facilities. The ASF helps us give you access to the best facilities and amenities and ultimately ensures a great holiday experience.
The senate membership model offers you the flexibility to holiday as much or as little as you want. Here’s how it works: Carry Forward: In case you are not able to take a holiday during a particular year, the unutilized points of that year will be added to your next year’s entitlement. Points can be accumulated up to a maximum value of twice the annual benefit. Beyond this, excess points will lapse. As a good practice, we encourage you to plan your holidays with us well in advance to ensure that none of your points expire. Advancing: In case you would like to utilize more points in a particular year, you can use some of next year’s entitlement of points in the current year. Split: You can split your entitlement and take multiple holidays within the same year. You can book a minimum of 2 nights in Blue and White Season. Or book a minimum of 3 nights in Orange and Red Season. Enjoy your senate holidays, just the way you want

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